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Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics


We’ll set up camp ...

... to lend you a hand. With MBS, task division works perfectly: You take care of production and sales and we’ll take care of the smooth flow of goods. You are able to “outsource” your external logistics by making us your system service provider. It is our objective to make the individual processes in your value-added chain more profitable.

In addition, we can offer you our “Insourcing” product. Would you like support with internal logistics processes? Or are you aware of the need for optimisation in this respect? In taking on the responsibility at your company for the core competency that is logistics, MBS will become your strong and reliable partner and support you in optimising and implementing internal logistics systems.

What can we do for you? We will keep your production permanently up and running by facilitating a smooth flow of goods.

What can you count on? Our extensive range of services:We provide customised and, most importantly, holistic logistics solutions that fulfil their purpose in every way.


We will take care of provider selection, tendering, the IT management concept, the general contractual provisions, pricing, conclusion of contract, project execution and project monitoring etc.


We will take on responsibility for planning, organising and implementing the receipt of goods, storage, order picking, packaging, outgoing goods, returns, labelling, repairs and much more.


If internal processes do not run seamlessly, external activities suffer as a result.For this reason, we will support you in optimising internal logistics concepts to create a solid foundation for overall success.


We will design your value-added chain so it is optimised for its purpose, transparent and time and cost-efficient so that you can invest more time and resources in your core business.


We will put together unique optimisation concepts based on the cost and performance situation and after analysing the current structures that are in place. This is followed by a redefinition of target performances and processes.


Decades of experience has provided us with expertise in the following fields in particular:Automotive (delivery and intermediate shipments), consumer products, chemical products/life science and fashion.

We are on your side!

Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!

And don’t forget:

At MBS Logistics, we love a challenge – and nailing it!So don’t be shy – test us with unusual, unconventional or seemingly impossible project proposals. We love taking on assignments with special requirements – be it size, weight, safety, urgency or something else – and love receiving your requests.