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Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions


We will save you time!

Would you like to optimise your supply chain in order to operate more profitably? The experts at MBS will provide you with a specific plan to optimise your value-added chain.We customise our solutions, adapt to industry-specific circumstances and fulfil the necessary market requirements.

We take the time to develop a deep understanding of your business, making us your Lead Logistics Provider and setting the foundation for collaborative cooperation. We optimise business processes to ensure that your company supplies its goods and materials on time, in the correct quantities and at the specified quality level. In this way, we will help you to source one of the most important tools in business: Time.

What can we do for you? We can optimise your flows of goods and procurement processes so that your company operates in a 100% efficient manner.

What can you count on? We will visualise your company’s optimisation potential and tap this potential successfully.


We will offer you conceptual and functional support in planning and implementing holistic logistics solutions.

Flow Management

Your movement of goods should flow freely. For this reason, we will offer you holistic coordination logistics: from order management and consolidated procurement right through to returns management.


The better we know you, the more successful we are – and you can only trust us if you know us.That is why we rely on strong, trust-based partnerships.


We will give you personal, clear and honest advice – and provide transparency with regard to your procurement and purchasing processes.


We will act entirely in accordance with your needs: Play an active role in proceedings or manage them from a distance – it’s up to you!


We are ambitious when it comes to developing innovative logistics solutions – for example, with the aid of special IT systems or new information and communication technologies.

We are on your side!

Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!

And don’t forget:

At MBS Logistics, we love a challenge – and nailing it! So don’t be shy – test us with unusual, unconventional or seemingly impossible project proposals. We love taking on assignments with special requirements – be it size, weight, safety, urgency or something else – and love receiving your requests.