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Project Logistics

Project Logistics

Project Logistics


No challenge is too great for us!

Company relocations – major construction projects – heavy-duty transportation? None of these pose an issue for the logistics professionals at MBS! For decades now, we have been putting our heart and soul into handling special or unconventional transportation requests. Every challenge inspires us and boosts our motivation further still to develop successful solutions.

Our transportation specialists will create customised, comprehensive concepts for you. You can determine the extent to which we support you: from assistance with sections of your project right through to the successful execution of the entire project. Either way, you are placing your project in the safest hands – ours.

What can we do for you? Anything that is related to transportation and logistical concepts.No matter what you are moving from A to B – we can do it!

What can you count on? You can rest assured that our experts are up to any assignment and will impress you with their long-standing experience, expert knowledge and commitment.


We will take on the tasks of planning and implementing your project no matter what it is you are sending:Machinery and plant transportation, heavy-duty, dangerous goods or temperature-controlled transportations and much more.


We will meet your requirements and come up with packaging solutions for all types and dimensions of products: in a time and cost-efficient manner.


We will give you open and honest advice, provide you with a full personal service and send you a precise transport route description so that you can keep track of everything.


We plan everything to the minutest detail and always give 100%, with your success in mind.A risk analysis is a standard part of our service.


We set ourselves the highest standards and then meet them for you. If required, we can also include pre-carriage and handling, storage at the destination and goods consolidation.

Comprehensive, carefree package

Rest assured, we’ll take care of all the necessary details: Authorisation, transport documentation and insurance, handling organisation, order picking, storage, customs clearance and much more.

Wir für Sie!

Sprechen Sie uns an, wir sind für Sie da – jederzeit und persönlich!

Was Sie unbedingt noch wissen sollten:

MBS Logistics liebt Herausforderungen – und sie zu meistern! Scheuen Sie sich also nicht, uns mit ungewöhnlichen, unkonventionellen oder unmöglich scheinenden Projektvorhaben auf die Probe zu stellen. Wir nehmen gerne Aufträge mit speziellen Anforderungen – sei es Größe, Gewicht, Sicherheit, Dringlichkeit oder was auch immer betreffend – an und freuen uns über jede Ihrer Anfragen.