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Storage Logistics

Storage Logistics

Storage Logistics


When it comes to safety and security...

... MBS will get it right! Because we don’t just transport goods, we store them as well. And to be precise, we store goods on large, domestically and internationally available logistics premises, equipped with state-of-the-art, high-security technology. All of the facilities are managed by trained specialists and every procedure is stringently monitored.

Do you need intermediate storage for your transport goods or warehouse space for your goods for cost, efficiency or scheduling reasons? And don’t forget: the flawless organisation this requires? We attach importance to short channels of coordination and implementing all of your plans quickly and smoothly – no matter what you have in mind.

What can we do for you? We will store your goods in a secure and safe place for as long as you want and as you see fit.

What can you count on? That our planning and execution are flawless: Experienced warehouse professionals guarantee the highest level of security.


We will run your entire warehouse logistics system: Order processing, pick-and-pack, barcode scanning, inventory management, customs storage, labelling and much more.


We provide the highest level of security for your warehouse stock – we can guarantee this by selecting storage facilities of the highest quality, experienced specialists and the best warehousing and packaging solutions.

High security

We can offer you extra security by storing your goods in hermetically sealed high-security bonded storage.Only vetted personnel are allowed access.


We find a solution for everything – even packaging.We can provide export, heavy-duty transport, container and dangerous goods packaging.If required, we can produce custom-made designs.


We know that you are entrusting something valuable into our keeping.Therefore, trust and reliability are particularly important to us.After all, we can only be successful if you are.

Comprehensive package

Our range of products and services knows no bounds:It ranges from warehousing and order picking to quality assurance and extensive value-added services right through to...no less than you require!

We are on your side!

Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!

And don’t forget:

At MBS Logistics, we love a challenge – and nailing it! So don’t be shy – test us with unusual, unconventional or seemingly impossible project proposals. We love taking on assignments with special requirements – be it size, weight, safety, urgency or something else – and love receiving your requests.