2014: Singapore and Vietnam

In addition to China, our aim has been to set up further sites in other Asian countries, and increasingly to establish the company in the Asian market. A further branch was therefore opened in Singapore in 2014. And by forming a new national organisation in Vietnam on 1st July 2014, MBS continued on the course for growth. Since then the company has maintained a presence in Asia, with a total of 10 strategically networked operations and 90 employees. The main branch in Vietnam was set up in Ho Chi Minh City– partnership offices followed in the cities of Hai Phong, Da Nang and Qui Nhon. This means that MBS now has a geographical presence throughout Vietnam. With GDP of around US$ 322 billion, the country has for years been in the Top 50 economies, and is ranked 15th in terms of population, with over 90 million inhabitants making it one of the most highly populated countries on earth. Demand for industrial products and machinery in particular, spare parts, highly specialist goods and niche products of all kinds makes the rapidly developing country of Vietnam a very interesting market for all industrial nations.

2012: Nuremberg

And in Germany itself, there was not long to wait for the next site development: improving the logistics network in Germany the MBS continued to be at least as important as pursuing the path of globalisation. Since 1st July 2012, MBS has therefore also had a presence in Nuremberg – one of the most important industrial sites in Germany. The city’s airport is one of the Top 10 major German airports in traffic terms. And with its port on the Main-Danube canal, this metropolitan region is also connected to international waterways.

2008 to 2012: China

The company has consistently pursued a path towards globalisation, and initial successes soon proved the correctness of this philosophy. On 1st October 2008, MBS opened a branch in Shanghai – after Hong Kong a further important overseas site. And that was just the start: one year later, another branch office was opened in Xiamen. MBS employees there have since then taken over all logistics activities in the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi.

In 2010, two further sites were opened which are of central importance for the growth of the company in China: Shenzhen and Ningbo. Shenzhen city, one of China’s great metropolises, has one of the largest airports in the country. Because of its port, Ningbo is one of the most important sites for logistics in Asia, and is also a significant industrial site for the chemical and textiles industry.

During 2011 to 2012, further branches followed in the cities of Qingdao and Tianjin, as well as in the port of Dalian.