A great boost to the environment!

Would you like to make your shipments more environmentally friendly? If so, we would recommend the “Rail freight” logistics service. Quicker than a sea freight service, less expensive than an air freight service and more environmentally friendly than an HGV, ship or airplane: Rail freight is the happy medium between sea, air and overland transport.

With its “Rail freight” service, MBS Logistics has expanded its classic logistics channels portfolio to offer you a more environmentally friendly alternative. Rail transport is the logistics solution that produces the lowest level of CO² emissions. And the reach of the network is enormous: A modern rail network links Europe with China.

What can we do for you? We can develop a transport solution that is tailor-made for your company and your requirements while also protecting the environment.

What can you count on? You can rest assured that nothing will be left behind: quick, affordable and environmentally friendly for miles on end – that’s what we can do!


We enable you to take advantage of the benefits of rail transport and transport your goods in an environmentally friendly manner.


Thanks to the modern rail network between Europe and China, we are able to transport your goods all the way to the Far East.

Customised solutions

The wide range of routing options and our selection of different container types allow us to offer you customised transportation solutions.


We operate in a reliable manner: Our strict transit time schedule guarantees that your shipment will arrive on time.


Diligence and safety are very important to us! For this reason, it is part of our service to monitor each and every wagon.


For your sake, our sake and the sake of the environment: Rail freight is the most environmentally friendly logistics option.

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