On course for success


2008: MBS Cargo GmbH

To exploit the potential of the Hamburg site more profitably, on 1st July 2008 MBS opened a second subsidiary in this great city on the Elbe. Since then, as well as the traditional range of transport services (air and sea freight, road transport), MBS Cargo has offered additional services such as ship´s spares, express courier services, on-board couriers and 24/7 services.

2007: Hong Kong

At an early stage MBS Logistics focused on the most important logistics market: China. In 2007 the company opened a Hong Kong office. This made it possible for MBS to carry out its own customs clearance for air and sea freight shipments to and from China, and laid an important foundation stone for further development in the Asian market.

2006 to 2008: Poland and Stuttgart

MBS’ development was then unstoppable, and as a logical consequence of its previous successes, the company opened further centres of operation in 2006 in Wroclaw (Breslau) and Stuttgart. Another important step in the direction of globalisation was also the opening of the Warsaw branch in 2008.

Mentfield Logistics and Publiship Logistics

In the same year, the MBS-Group expanded the services with a new subsidiary. In a major joint venture with the largest private Israeli freight-forwarding company (Mentfield [1983] Ltd. International Freight Forwarders), Mentfield Logistics Germany GmbH has since conquered the world, working closely with MBS.

And just one year later, the company committed to forming and establishing another subsidiary: 2006 saw the creation of Publiship Logistics GmbH, with its headquarters in the financial heartland of Frankfurt.

2005: Hamburg

Not wishing to miss out in the north of the country, our next port of call was Hamburg, the city with the most important sea port in Germany, and therefore one of the most important sites in the logistics industry. MBS Logistics GmbH Hamburg was formed in 2005.