The MBS logo symbolises the bedrock of our work: people.
It represents each and every one of our employees. The team is the heart and soul of the company, the face of our company and our internal pillar of strength. MBS Logistics provides impeccable working conditions and individual support in order to maintain stability. We truly believe that only satisfied employees can form a strong team – a decisive factor in the success of a company.

The MBS logo also symbolises the objective of our work: people. It represents each and every one of our customers. Our interaction with our clients exemplifies fairness and trust. We approach every enquiry in the same way: Our consultations are tailored to individual requirements. Our price structure is transparent. We truly believe that a company can only be successful in the long run if its customers are happy.

The principles we impose on ourselves are not simply expressions: We live and work by conviction according to the policieswe believe are correct and conducive to success. Our approach to work is based on the six guiding principles we have defined:


We only operate in fields in which we have demonstrable expertise. This enables us to provide you with the highest level of quality.


Our relationship with our customers is based on trust and transparency. We provide you with high quality at fair and justifiable prices as a matter of principle.


We always take all discernible opportunities and risks into account when giving you advice. We never make promises that we cannot keep.


As an independent, owner-operated company, we provide innovative and demand-oriented services – always in the best interests of the customer.


You can trust us to keep our lips sealed: The information or knowledge acquired from your company will never find its way into the hands of a third party.


We trust in our own abilities and strengths. That’s why the fee for some of our services depends on whether the service is executed successfully.

We are on your side!

Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help – at any time and in person!