Dear Team,

We hope 2024 has started well for you! This year is already racing ahead, but we are taking the time to look back on the shared successes and moments that made 2023 memorable. Your steadfast support has been invaluable, and we are truly grateful to have you onboard at MBS.

For a quick trip down memory lane, be sure to check out some highlights from the past year in the recent video shared our social media channels here!  

In this edition of our newsletter, we’re thrilled to bring you a range of exciting updates. We’re welcoming new team members, celebrating the dedication of colleagues marking milestone work anniversaries, recapping recent celebrations at our branches and a whole lot more.

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Warm regards,

Daniel Steckel and Joerg Roehl


Our team is growing. We are excited to welcome several new faces across our global locations. Let’s all extend a warm welcome to the newcomers:  

In Cologne

Christoph Ditscheid
Fleet Management
Tel: +49 2203 9338 508

Timo Zinner
Project Management IT
Tel: +49 2203 9338 574

More about this new position:
Timo Zinner will primarily focus on the implementation and integration of Riege SCOPE (the new MBS TMS in Germany). In this role, he will oversee technical as well as process-related support.

In Düsseldorf

Adem Özürk
Tel.: +49 211 436939 21

In Hamburg

Frank Armbrust
Sales Manager Ship’s Spares Services
Tel: +49 40 35 777 88 20

Axel Hinz
Managing Director
Tel.: +49 40 226319 0

More about this new position:
Axel Hinz will serve as Managing Director for the MBS branches in Hamburg and Norderstedt. At the same time, he will focus on the strategic development of the MBS Group’s sea freight product. This involves setting prices as well as developing and optimising carrier contracts, which are key priorities at the Group level.

In Shanghai

Summer Chen
Tel: +86 21 3590 0088

Henry Shen
Tel: +86 21 3590 0056

In Singapore

Olaf Niklowitz
Senior Representative S.E.A. 
Tel.: +65 6572 4446

More about this new position:
Olaf Niklowitz will act as the MBS Group’s representative in Singapore, overseeing activities across the S.E.A. region. In this role, he will focus on business development with customers in the ship spare parts sector as well as with agents.



A heartfelt thank you to all colleagues for your dedication to MBS!

15 years

Michaela Berger joined MBS Cologne on 1 January 2009.

20 years

Michael Czerwon joined MBS Cologne on 1 January 2004.

Peter Kaplan joined MBS Cologne on 1 January 2004.


We wish the following proud parents and little newcomer all the best and many happy hours together:

Arseniy Kovalov (MBS Cologne) and his wife Olga welcomed their new son Kilian on 15.11.23.


We say goodbye to employees departing for future career and personal endeavours. The following colleagues have left the company:

In Cologne

Daiana Alia, Serdar Bayrak, Ralf Dulisch, Denat Haxhimusa, Dojet Haxhimusa, Hans-Jürgen Kürten, Florian Müller, Marc Jannik Reimann, Majra Spahic, Björn Tellbach, Hans Theobald, Brigitte Varvatsos

In Düsseldorf

Daniel Bielemeier, Johanna Heuser, Luc Yamba Kagnassim, Nico Leifheit, Marc Jannik Reimann, Karsten Strohn

In Frankfurt

Maryam Kazemi

In Hamburg

Anne-Catherine Berthoty, Arne Lorenzen, Svitlana Kondratenko-Streit, Madiha Nisar

In Munich

Andrea Heidrich

In Stuttgart

Jürgen Hupp, Dinko Mujic



In January 2024, the Düsseldorf office underwent personnel changes that will have a short-term impact on operations. However, the location will remain, and we look forward to moving into the future with fresh ideas and motivated staff.

We have found a quick and effective solution to continue working as usual under the new circumstances. For the time being, the following contacts in the respective departments are available to assist you:

• Air Export: Gabrielle Kern

• Air Import: Anita Baranowicz, with support from Oliver Hamacher in Cologne

• Sea Freight: Thomas Lukner / Christian Willich

• Customs: Erdi Bor

The Air Export and Import departments, as well as the Customs department, will continue operating from Düsseldorf as usual.

The Sea Import department will be supported in its operations by the team in Cologne.

With the assistance of the LogSol team and the Sea Import department in Cologne, we ensure we will continue to provide our customers and staff with the best service. Both the management in Cologne and the sales team are available to support any concerns, whether they come from our staff or customer feedback.


In our ongoing effort to enhance customer service, we are introducing a new email address for cases involving damage or loss of customer goods during order processing: claims@mbslogistics.com. This ensures that the right contacts receive the messages, and all communication regarding a case is consolidated in one mailbox.

To improve efficiency, we are assigning an internal claim number to each reported case. Please always use the unique claim number in the subject line when corresponding about a specific case. Your cooperation in using the provided claim number is appreciated, as it contributes to a faster and more organized resolution process. Thank you for your continued commitment to delivering excellent service!



Lemontap, a cutting-edge digital business card solution, is available to all our colleagues utilising business cards. Lemontap offers elegant matte black metal cards with NFC functionality to streamline contact sharing, ensuring a lasting impression. Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace the convenience of Lemontap! Eligible colleagues from all global offices can easily order their digital business cards by contacting us at communication@mbslogistics.com.



Rose Monday is a highlight of the Cologne Carnival, and MBS Cologne once again participated with its own float alongside the carnival association “Die Großen Braunsfelder”.

This year, the theme of our float was “The Citizen as a Nobleman.” It paid tribute to the central Cologne figure Ferdinand Franz Wallraff, who significantly shaped the city’s cultural and artistic heritage. 

The overall motto of this year’s carnival “Wat e Theater – Wat e Jeckespill” emphasized the importance of keeping a cool head and finding moments of joy, even amidst the challenges we see in our current global landscape. At the same time, the motto was a tribute to the many stages in Cologne.

For MBS Cologne, our Group’s home base, this theme hits the nail on the head: Our business thrives on core Koelsh values like creativity, collaboration and community. These principles fuel our global operations, taking a piece of Cologne to the world.


In December, colleagues from across MBS branches gathered at a venue outside Cologne for our MBS Group Christmas party. It was a fantastic day full of games (including skittles, skat, poker and beer pong), award ceremonies, shared meals and celebrations for employee anniversaries. Our team was in great spirits, and together, we kept the festivities alive well into the night. Cheers to our incredible colleagues for making it an unforgettable event that marked the close of 2023!


MBS Zurich celebrated the holiday season with joy and camaraderie at their festive Christmas dinner. The team enjoyed delicious food and created lasting memories. Check out a snapshot from the evening!


Colleagues from Hamburg came together for a Christmas breakfast at the office, enjoying  morning filled with good food and holiday cheer. The gathering provided a wonderful opportunity for team members to connect, reflect on years past and celebrate.


Our global branches celebrate a range of diverse holidays. Over the next few weeks, please be aware of the following schedule:


9-15 February 2024
Tết (Vietnam)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Vietnam

10-17 February 2024
Chinese New Year (Asia)

The following branches will be closed:
All MBS China locations, MBS Logistics Hong Kong, MBS Logistics Singapore, MBS Logistics Vietnam


29 March 2024
Good Friday (International)

The following branches will be closed:
All MBS Germany locations, MBS Netherlands, MBS Hong Kong, MBS Singapore  


1 April 2024
Easter Monday (International)

The following branches will be closed:
All MBS Germany locations, MBS Netherlands, MBS Poland, MBS Hong Kong

4 April 2024
Qingming Festival (Hong Kong)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Hong Kong

4-6 April 2024
Qingming Festival (China)

The following branches will be closed:
All MBS China locations

10 April 2024
Hari Raya Puasa (Singapore)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Singapore

18 April 2024
Hung Kings Commemoration Day (Vietnam)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Vietnam

27 April 2024
Koningsdag (Netherlands)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Netherlands

30 April 2024
Reunification Day (Vietnam)

The following branch will be closed:
MBS Vietnam


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