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We’re excited to introduce our new, bi-monthly global newsletter, which will reach all MBS colleagues worldwide. It’s our way of staying connected, no matter the miles between us.

Every other month, our newsletter will welcome new faces to our worldwide branches, announce retirements, celebrate achievements, share news and more. This newsletter is all about shining a light on the people who make MBS so special. And that’s where you come in! We’re eager to hear from YOU. From personal milestones to exciting new projects, we invite you to share news with us to be featured in the next edition.

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Warm regards,

Daniel Steckel and Joerg Roehl


Our team is growing. We are excited to welcome several new faces across our global locations. Let’s all extend a warm welcome to the newcomers:  

In Cologne

Wasim Kalander

Frauke Nuesse
Administration iShip and Airfreight Export
Tel. +49 2203 9338-810

Daniela Schumacher
Head of HR
Tel. +49 2203 9338 559

Mike Vossen

In Dalian

Tom Liu 
Marketing Manager
Tel: 0411-88079269

In Singapore

Mohammed Zahirullah Kalifathulla (Zahir)
Customer Service Relations Executive
Tel. +65 97701618

In Stuttgart

Dink Mujic
Air- / Seafreight Import
Tel. +49 711 794757 30

In Switzerland

Stephanie Frutiger     
Manager Airfreight & Seafreight, Import & Export
Tel. +41 43 255 56 07

Marc Grimpe
Operation Manager Seafreight
Tel. +41 43 255 56 04

Paul Handschin
Senior Airfreight Specialist
Tel.  +41 43 255 56 05

Alessia Lassandro
Assistant Manager Air Export
Tel. +41 43 255 56 02

Valentina Tassone
Assistant Manager Air Import
Tel. +41 43 255 56 03

Erich Tschudin
Sales & Key Account Manager
Tel. +41 43 255 56 06

In Tianjin

Coral Wang
Seafreight Operations
Tel. +86 22-58791326


At MBS, we’re dedicated to nurturing future talent. Through our training and apprenticeship opportunities, we place individuals right at the heart of logistics, allowing them to collaborate with enthusiastic professionals and contribute to shaping the future. Learn what these talents are up to!

In Cologne

Our Cologne branch welcomed seven new apprentices and trainees in August: Metin Kilincel, Tim Schäfer, Amin Ayoola, Dojet Haxhimusa, Denat Haxhimusa, Majra Spahi, Antonia Illner and Rani Meyer. Over the next few years, these young talents will be learning the ropes in several departments: Anytime Emergency Logistics, Warehousing, Transport Planning and Logistics Solutions. 

Our holding company in Cologne welcomed Kevin Kaminski as a Project Management IT Department trainee.

In Düsseldorf

Our office in Düsseldorf office welcomed a new apprentice in August: Matthias Kempen. Matthias will build his skills in the branch’s airfreight export department.

In Hamburg

Our branch in Hamburg welcomed a re-trainee in August: Niloufar Bahrpeima. Niloufar (pictured with Thorsten Schmidt, Hamburg Branch Manager), is undergoing training to become an Office Communication Clerk at our Hamburg branch.



A heartfelt thank you to all colleagues for your dedication to MBS!

15 years in Shanghai!

Our Shanghai branch is celebrating its 15th birthday on 01.10.23! We’d like to extend special congratulations to Abraham Tao, Allen Zhang and Karen Lu, the founding members who have been with us since the beginning. Their unwavering commitment to our company’s mission and their dedication over the past 15 years have played a pivotal role in establishing our presence in Shanghai

… And across our global branches! 

20 years

Stefan Charles joined MBS Cologne on 6 August 2003.

15 years

Susan Kühlem joined MBS Cologne on 1 August 2008.

Christian Bergmann joined MBS Hamburg on 1 September 2008.

Klara Boger joined MBS Hamburg on 1 September 2008.

Rona Zilske joined MBS Kelsterbach on 8 September 2008.

10 years

Max Sommershof joined MBS Cologne on 1 August 2013.

Maryam Kazemi joined MBS Kelsterbach on 19 August 2013.


We congratulate Zoe Klappert, in Cologne, on passing her final apprenticeship exam. We look forward to a long time together!

We congratulate Marc Orange, in Cologne, on passing his final apprenticeship exam. We look forward to a long time together!


The MBS family congratulates Elisa Cammarata (MBS Cologne) and her partner Vincenzo Lauria on their marriage and wishes them all the best for their shared future.

The MBS family congratulates Lin Li (MBS Shenzhen) and her partner Qingsong Wang on their marriage and wishes them all the best for their shared future.

Nicole Liu (MBS Xiamen) and her partner Shiheng welcomed a daughter on 27.08.23. We wish the proud partners and little newcomer all the best and many happy hours together.

Andreas Trautmann (MBS Cologne) and his partner Catarina welcomed a son on 22.06.23. We wish the proud partners and little newcomer all the best and many happy hours together.


We say goodbye to employees departing for future career and personal endeavours. The following colleagues have left the company:

In Cologne

Ivonne Bayer, Wonuk Lee, Justin Ludwig, Andreas Manthe, Markus Prüfer, Torsten Schilken, Betül Yaldiz,

In Hamburg

Elvira Sinanovic

In Munich

Petra Dawson

In Ningbo

Slee Xu 

In Pirmasens

Hendrik Becker

In Stuttgart

Uwe Köngeter



Check out our new 2024 calendar design! This year’s theme, “What’s Your Drive, MBS?” underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering our valued customers. In the artwork, the palette (chat name Euro120x80) symbolises our customers, posing the thought-provoking question: “What’s your drive?” In other words, “Why does MBS exist, and how can it assist me?” In a resounding response that echoes the dedication of all MBS Logistics employees, Forky MBS 03 declares, “I want to lift you up!” Forky, embodying our skilled service, takes the form of a vibrant red forklift, eagerly ready to elevate the palette with the full force of MBS power. This theme exemplifies our deep commitment to putting our customers first. There will be special version for our Chinese offices to make sure the calendar will meet the local requirements. 


We’re thrilled to announce Lemontap, a cutting-edge digital business card solution, is now available to all our colleagues utilising business cards. Lemontap offers elegant matte black metal cards with NFC functionality to streamline contact sharing, ensuring a lasting impression. Say goodbye to manual data entry and embrace the convenience of Lemontap! Eligible colleagues from all global offices can easily order their digital business cards by contacting us at communication@mbslogistics.com.


On 01.08.23, MBS China launched CargoPlus, a cutting-edge operations system designed to streamline processes and enhance overall logistics management. This marks the first step taken by MBS Asia to tackle global economic challenges and the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence (AI). Soon, MBS branches in Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore will adopt this system, marking a new era of smart logistics for the Group. The operating system’s benefits include enhanced tracking and visibility, efficient resource allocation, streamlined communication and more, all underpinned by powerful data analytics. Implementing CargoPlus enables agile, responsive and highly efficient supply chain operations.


Germany implemented the EU Whistleblowing Directive with the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG). The law was passed by the German Federal Council on 12.05.23 and came into effect in mid-June 2023.

In Europe, we are rolling out a confidential and protected way to report potential violations of laws or internal regulations. By doing so, we support a culture of openness and trust, ensuring that all colleagues can report potential violations to ensure the integrity and success of our company.

The Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), a law to protect whistleblowers and promote a transparent working environment, came into effect nationwide in Germany in July 2023. It particularly focuses on reporting (potential) legal violations, including behavior that constitutes a crime or a breach of the law. Additionally, concerns related to health, hygiene, safety risks, potential fraud, corruption and discriminatory or unethical behavior can also be reported.

Here is some information we would like to share with you:

  1. Definition of a whistleblower
    The law defines a whistleblower as a person who, in good faith, reports information about potential violations in our company.

  2. Confidentiality and protection
    We enable completely anonymous reporting and communication and protect the identity of whistleblowers. You will be protected from retaliation or disciplinary measures related to your report, thereby avoiding any disadvantages or discrimination against whistleblowers.

  3. Reporting channels
    Email: hinweis@mbslogistics.info (anonymous reporting possible – please set up an external email account without disclosing your name)
    Mail: Attn. Daniela Schumacher, MBS Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, Hansestrasse 57, 51149 Cologne (anonymous reporting possible)
    Phone: +49 173 7982441 (anonymous reporting possible, available during regular business hours)
    Intranet: The platform is currently under construction; we will inform you through the newsletter once the digital whistleblower system is online.
    It is important to note that all reporting channels handle your data carefully!

  4. Investigation process
    All reported concerns will be thoroughly investigated. As an employer, we are obligated to take appropriate measures to respond to any violations.

    If you have any questions or need further information, Daniela Schumacher (HR) is at your disposal.



MBS Zurich threw a fantastic event on 05.09.23 to celebrate its grand opening. The scene was set with drinks, delicious eats and a lively crowd of clients and industry friends, gathered at a venue in Zurich city centre. Filled with captivating conversations and a collective sense of enthusiasm about the future, it was a memorable evening, marking the beginning of MBS’s exciting journey in the Swiss market.


Our Shenzhen team recently came together for a memorable summer BBQ event. Colleagues from the branch gathered to grill delicious food, engage in meaningful conversations and share moments of laughter. This evening created lasting memories and deepened professional relationships.


MBS teams from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Troisdorf came together for a summer party on 23.08.23. The event was complete a delicious barbecue picnic, games and a great time with colleagues. It was an afternoon of bonding and fun, strengthening the team’s connections outside of work.


At the end of August, our Vietnam team took a trip to Hue, the former ancient capital. Today, the city is home to national treasures, temples, pagodas and monuments. The colleagues had a terrific time together unwinding and discovering the city’s history, culture and cuisine.


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