The reliable tracking and precise location of goods is becoming increasingly important, especially in the international logistics business. Therefore MBS Logistics also uses more and more modern technology like the product of Kizy Tracking AG. The company has developed a B2B system especially for the requirements of the logistics industry, with which goods and merchandise can be tracked around the clock, worldwide and in real time – even in buildings and containers. Kizy Tracking AG was founded in 2014 and is based in Switzerland. In November 2018 Kizy became part of Spectos GmbH, but continues to operate under its own brand. With employees in Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan Kizy offers scalable tracking systems for companies in the logistics and supply chain industry. The solution for global real-time tracking consists of one of the world’s smallest autonomous enterprise hardware trackers, a cloud platform for real-time tracking and an open API (program interface).

Information on global position, light and temperature at the touch push of a button

Nadia Hilger, Head of Marketing at Spectos GmbH, is familiar with the diverse application possibilities of the trackers: “This technology is suitable for every company with complex and/ or global supply chains. The system provides valuable services for monitoring service contract compliance, real-time location of shipments, machines, wagons and containers, anti-theft protection, on-time delivery and supply chain optimization. In particular for the rapidly growing cross-border e-commerce market, the trackers equipped with additional sensors can provide information on light and temperature in addition to geolocation and motion data, which is particularly important for food and pharmaceutical logistics to prove compliance with standards”.

Real-time data from buildings and containers

Kizy works everywhere where a mobile phone network is available,including buildings and containers. Especially when the supply chain extends across several countries and logistics partners, complete transparency is essential, for example to ensure just-in-time manufacturing or compliance with the cold chain. Kizy Trackers can be used world- wide and depending on the tracking scheme they send real-time data for up to a year based on existing mobile networks and WiFi.

MBS employees on the road with Kizy Tracker

Anytime employee Vincent Brüning was also equipped with a Kizy Tracker last year as an On Board Courier on the road in Tunisia (report in Insight IV/19) and can only confirm: “The Kizy Tracker has given us the security of being able to retrieve information about the location of our package at any time”.