Increased focus on sustainability

Corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability are now an indispensable topic on the agenda of any advanced corporate management.

Verstärkt die Nachhaltigkeit im Blick

The vision of an economically viable development that combines social responsibility and the conservation of environmental resources has increasingly taken shape for MBS Logistics in recent years. This is about both long-term successful business development and a positive corporate contribution to the sustainable development of society as a whole.

We at MBS Logistics have a responsibility to develop a sustainable strategy and pursue it in our day-to-day work. Of course, the transport industry in general has just a small ecological footprint. Especially with regard to the pandemic situation, in which the global transport volume has increased significantly and thus the emissions produced have also risen.

However, the approach of higher-level logistics is quite different, as it is about optimising the flow of goods, information and finances, taking into account all external and internal factors. This naturally also includes the reduction of environmental impacts during the transport of goods from A to B, including storage. Therefore, MBS Logistics has different approaches to integrating the topic of sustainability in various areas of the company. For example, we have been able to operate our warehouses more energy-efficiently through modern technologies (e.g. lighting concepts) and thus minimise consumption.

We at MBS Logistics have a responsibility here to develop a sustainable strategy and pursue it in our day-to-day work.

We see an important lever especially in the area of digitalisation, because the networking of our digital logistics systems with customers and partners has clear ecological effects that result from increased coordination and the avoidance of inefficiencies. In addition, ecological factors are now increasingly playing a role in the selection and development of subcontractors used. The use of logistical networks also enables us to optimise the utilisation of tours and routes. Only optimally coordinated logistical processes create the conditions for a sustainable approach.

Of course, there is always a lingering effect from every transport, which must be compensated for if we are serious about achieving CO2 neutrality. We absolutely do not want to conceal this, but from now on offer our customers the possibility of being able to transparently comprehend what the respective CO2 imprint looks like on their own transports. For this purpose, a CO2 calculator will soon be implemented on our homepage. On the basis of the calculator, complete CO2 balances can be drawn up in future on request and made available to our customers – and for those who like to settle their debts immediately, compensation projects will also be suggested directly in order to counteract the unavoidable effect on our environment to the same extent.

Globalisation, climate protection, energy supply and much more. – the list of major challenges facing politics, the economy, society and companies in the 21st century is long. We also see it as our responsibility to make our contribution. Now – more than ever – we need to tackle them together.

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