We start with Johanna Heuser, who has been managing the MBS branch office on Wahlerstraße in Düsseldorf since last year.


They are clever, courageous, straightforward, successful and stand up for “their man” every day: women who are determined to pursue their professional career, even if they are still looking after their family and child(ren) at home. We looked around our own company and found that there are plenty of examples of such power women at MBS. A good reason, therefore, to introduce one of them in every Insight from now on.

We start with Johanna Heuser, who has been managing the MBS branch office on Wahlerstraße in Düsseldorf since last year. She has just had her second child and is looking forward to the future with zest for action.

“My husband has my back. This allows me to concentrate on my job alongside my family”, Johanna Heuser appreciates the support of her better half. The 30-year-old needs the daily challenge beyond the changing table and away from housewife duties. She has been contributing her professional know-how to MBS Logistics since 2018. Here, as in all the other stations of her life, she puts her foot down: “As a woman, you have to be different and have a real desire and passion for the job in order to survive in this male domain.

Straight and flexible

The trained management assistant for forwarding and logistics services says of herself: “I’m just not a girl in the classic sense, but direct, straightforward and flexible. I feel absolutely equal to my male colleagues because I know what I can do.” And that has always been the case – Johanna has already grown up without role clichés. Her mother, also a woman with stamina, started her own business at a young age and thus also raised her children to independence. “I absolutely did not want to get into my mother’s business, but rather to do my own thing,” says the logistics expert. The Düsseldorf native already completed her commercial training in two years instead of the usual three. While she was able to gain experience in the areas of procurement logistics, customs and supply chain in various companies, first as a clerk and later as an assistant to the management, she also honed her personal strengths more and more. Quite incidentally, she then “built” her business administrator, took various training certificates, got married, had her first child and during her second pregnancy she took an additional examination certificate at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for merchants for forwarding and logistics services. Now that the second child is still taking up a lot of her time, she works part-time at MBS for a while.

Frau mit Stehvermögen

As head of the MBS Düsseldorf branch office Johanna Heuser has meanwhile established herself as a self-confident woman with stamina. With her team of seven permanent employees and two trainees, she is responsible for all processes within the branch, including figures, budgets and customer contacts. “Numbers, statistics and conception are easy for me. In this regard, I can play a constructive role at MBS with my team”, Johanna Heuser is looking forward to the new challenge and every further step up the career ladder.

At this point we would like to take the opportunity