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Succesful at MBS Logistics

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Stacy Kohn from MBS Richmond


Expertise and experience

“Every day offers new challenges. That’s what I like about my job and that’s why I never get bored here,” says Stacy Kohn, Vice President Operation in the MBS Richmond/USA team led by MBS Managing Director Harald Oechsner. The dedicated American has worked in the logistics industry for over 35 years and holds both a license as a customs broker and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and finance with a minor in fine arts. Her resulting expertise, combined with her years of experience, is nearly perfect for your job at MBS’ Richmond office. Here in Virginia’s capital city, her responsibilities include clarifying product-specific federal regulations to ensure regulatory requirements for imports and other trade agreements are safe for the client in question. Today, we feature Stacy Kohn as the fourth candidate in our “Strong Women Succeeding at MBS Logistics” series.

When asked why she chose MBS Logistics of all companies, Stacy does not hesitate for long: “MBS allows me to be myself. Here, I can devote myself to exactly the tasks I do best, and that’s the only way to really enjoy my work.”

Women are driving the logistics industry forward

As a woman in the logistics industry, Stacy Kohn doesn’t necessarily see herself in a male domain: “In the U.S., the majority of employees driving our industry are female. I firmly believe that this industry in particular is well suited for women. I wouldn’t be at MBS if I wasn’t confident that management would take me seriously,” says Stacy.

Fortunately, a lot has changed in recent years

Despite her top-notch education, the manager wasn’t equipped with today’s confidence right from the start of her career. She tells us, “I was vice president of a customs brokerage and freight forwarding company called Hipage, founded in 1927, by the time I was 27. Here, I was only the second female manager and also the youngest manager the company had ever hired. I was there for 30 years until the company was sold. At that time, I was glad my mother had chosen the male spelling of my name, so many agents didn’t know I was a woman until the first face-to-face meeting. I could tell many stories from that time about how hard it was to compete as a woman in the industry back then. Fortunately, a lot has changed since then.”

We wish Stacy Kohn all the best and continued success!