The new Insight – 01.2022


Even though we cannot go into the current events in Ukraine in this issue of Insight – due to the editorial deadline in mid-February – it is important for us to say: Logistics needs peace. We all need peace again quickly. The recent events shock us, but at the same time we are keeping a close eye on the developments and will adapt our processes to the respective necessities. Relief transports and actions from various MBS stations are also planned.

As for the current Insight issue: They all know about our strong Asian competence. For 14 years, MBS has maintained an excellent network throughout the Asian region – with a focus on China. But if you think we now want to give you details about our logistical expertise there, which undoubtedly exists, we have to disappoint you. Because true to our company credo, we focus on people, and in this case on our colleague Sophie Liu. She explains to us what exactly the “Chinese New Year” is all about and what we can expect from this year’s “Year of the Water Tiger”. Only this much can be revealed: It stands for strength and quick wits.

Just like MBS itself, which started the new year with precisely these attributes and was not only able to gain an exciting Eyewear customer with Emmerich Fashion, but is also competently facing the global challenges of the logistics industry with a new managing director and two new branch managers in Germany.

And even though it is almost spring, we would like to end with a small Christmas review, which at MBS was characterised by the social commitment that is important to us. This year, we again supported children’s projects and an association that supports women with breast cancer. As a company, we also take our responsibility for society seriously and so we have come full circle: The focus is on people at MBS.

Andreas Janetzko & Daniel Steckel

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