The new Insight - 04.2022


Insight - 04.2022

Dear Customers

Do you know the Grinch? This poison-green, nasty, very hairy creature from the pen of children’s author Dr. Seuss, who does everything in his power to ensure that Christmas is cancelled? It almost seems as if he has his fingers in the pie this year, too, if you look at the supply chains that continue to be disrupted. Fever juice for children is just as hard to come by as microchips for the automotive industry. And in addition to the material bottlenecks, lockdowns in China, the plannability of container ships and the Ukraine war continue to exacerbate the overall situation – and cause prices to rise.

MBS, however, has always taken on the Grinch and in turn does everything in its power to get goods to their destination against all odds and as often as possible on time and within budget. Many years of expertise and always keeping an ear to the market are our keys to success and so we look back on a challenging but also successful year also at the end of 2022. We were able to win new customers and further deepen and expand the good relationships with our long-standing customers. Responsible for all of this are our great employees who once again made this possible. As managing directors, we would like to thank them all for this with what we consider to be a particularly successful Insight issue. And of course we would also like to thank you, dear customers, who have emphatically contributed to the positive development.

Get to know Felix and his adventurous trip as an on-board courier to Mexico or experience the car future with our customer e.GO. Celebrate his retirement with MBS veteran Elton and read more about the right use of efficient warehouse processes in today’s supply chains from Christoph Schilz, Managing Director of MBS Logistics Cologne.

We hope you enjoy reading, have a wonderful Christmas and many happy and reflective hours in the New Year.

Andreas Janetzko & Daniel Steckel

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