Training at MBS - a talent factory in logistics

MBS has been training forwarding merchants since 1991 – at a wide variety of locations. Max Sommershof and Brigitte Varvatsos have been responsible for the next generation of MBS employees at the Cologne branch for almost two years.

Ausbildung bei der MBS – Talentschmiede in der Logistik

Max Sommershof has even taken the training certificate for this. “I am involved in this area because the future of logistics is important to me and we can only shape it with competent employees. My best experience was taking on two former trainees in our Anytime team. Of course, there are always problems, for example, when school performance is not good enough. But we have always been able to solve them. The 29-year-old is supported by Brigitte Varvatsos, who has been an MBS employee for seven years. “Of course, the entire area of trainees comes on top of the actual work, but it is important to me to show the young people what opportunities they can have in the future with this nevertheless very extensive training and to give them all the necessary information here. I like to accompany them and always try to be there, no matter if it’s about professional or private questions or problems.”

Bianca Cantaro from MBS Hamburg can also remember many very good trainees. “In the current situation, we unfortunately cannot offer a traineeship this year, but we see a great responsibility to train our own junior staff. In  times of a shortage of skilled workers, in-house training has a particularly high value. We have already been able to successfully take on many trainees. One of our “talent pools” is Sören Thamm, who completed his training with us in 2015 with “very good” and has been a successful team leader in our sea freight department since January 2020.

In Düsseldorf, training is already in its third year. Branch manager Johanna Heuser is the responsible trainer and also a member of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s Examination Board. The thirty-one-year-old took over the branch three years ago and wants to offer training of the highest quality: “Here in Dusseldorf, every trainee is allowed to work on an equal footing with a permanent employee. We are small, but this allows us to provide detailed and in-depth training. Independence is very important to us. ”
In Munich, apprentices will be trained for the first time this year. Alex Moeck is happy that she can bring young people closer to logistics. “I know that at first glance the forwarding profession may not seem as hip as a job in the media or the like,” laughs the native of Thuringia, “but that’s only because young people are not properly informed. The profession with its diverse tasks undoubtedly has its charms and quite clearly, the global transport and traffic volume continues to grow. Millions of goods are transported from A to B every day. Whether by road, by air or across . the world´s oceans. And WE play our part in this.  Those who choose this career field are often passionate about it. And one thing the job certainly  is not: boring.”

MBS is aware of the importance of training in its own company. “Of course, we are also suffering from the shortage of skilled workers everywhere,” explains Tamara Häußler, Head of HR & Communication. “Therefore, it is important that we train young people and present the career opportunities at MBS to them. After all, personnel development only begins with the completion of training.”

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