Well connected is half the battle

F&L is an international network of senior business leaders focused on freight logistics throughout the supply chain, based across Europe and worldwide, and active in all sectors and modes of transport.

Members enjoy confidential open exchange on a wide range of topics with brand owners, manufacturers, logistics (all modes), trade and suppliers, technology, insurance, finance, academics, NGOs, policy makers, thought leaders, academics, politicians and experts. F&L is a non-profit organisation supported by its member companies. F&L does not lobby, but works to disseminate best practices and mutually beneficial collaborations to optimise efficiency, sustainability, profitability and transformation.

It is important for MBS to be a member of the European Leaders’ Forum because the scale, scope and complexity of transformation in the logistics industry is considerable. “We all face moving targets and the challenge of keeping our business fit for the future and adding value for customers and our other stakeholders is enormous,” explains Audrey Macnab of F&L and Andreas Janetzko, Managing Director of MBS Speditionsgesellschaft adds: “Of course, as members we advance the F&L network and are in constant exchange with F&L about current topics. But it is important for us to know that we have a strong partner at our side and that together we can achieve faster and better results.”

The advantages for F&L members are obvious. For example, a confidential open dialogue applies, from which no one may be quoted. The press is not allowed either. At the same time, one gets an insight into the market to keep a good eye on it and adjust one’s own strategy accordingly.

“The network, feedback and exchange with other experts on how they manage their priorities is also a very important aspect for me, which is why we are members of F&L,” adds Andreas Janetzko. This network is a diverse international end-to-end network with customers, stakeholders, suppliers. By the way, all employees of the member company can participate in F&L, Audreay Macnab explains further: “All MBS employees have unlimited access to all F&L events. Both online and in presence.”