Insight 01: Start local, go global

Pick any point on the globe, and thanks to strong partnerships developed through WCAworld, MBS Logistics can seamlessly connect your cargo there. As the world’s largest network of independent freight forwarders, WCAworld now has members in 195 countries with more than 11,700 offices in a range of locations – from the world’s busiest centres to its most remote corners. When the network was first founded in 1998, a circle of forwarders this large seemed like a far-off vision. But as one of WCAworld’s original members, MBS Logistics believed in the power of freight forwarder networking from day one.

“For small-to-medium sized forwarding businesses, developing strong partnerships with other forwarders around the world is critical to effectively serve clients,” begins Monika Geier, Managing Director of MBS Frankfurt. “Prior to joining WCA, MBS already had partners in many countries, but we didn’t have access to every single location around the globe back in the late ‘90s. The partnerships we created through this network now give us a truly global reach today.”

When MBS joined WCA First – the original WCAworld network – in 1998, the company’s hope was to offer more advanced services by tapping into the reach and expertise of other successful, independent forwarders around the world.

“This network was founded 25 years ago, and at that time, there really was nothing else like it in existence,” shares Monika. “When David Yokeum, founder of WCAworld, came knocking at our door with this idea, we thought it was fantastic – a great opportunity for companies like ours to expand their international reach while still offering clients the personal touch of a small business.”

Today, WCAworld has done much more than enable MBS to match the general global reach of even the largest multinational freight forwarders. The organisation has also allowed the logistics provider to generate new business as well as find partners that can assist in delivering highly specialised services around the globe for a broad range of industries.

MBS is now a member of several speciality WCAworld networks where it has found qualified, global partners to deliver tailored forwarding services for industries such as project logistics, time-critical goods, dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals and e-commerce.

Though WCAworld is now teeming with members and daughter networks, the organisation has not lost its focus on building personal relationships for freight forwarders.

“At the very first members’ event in Miami back in 1998, WCA implemented a one-on-one networking concept where you were matched with other forwarders who met your specific requirements,” explains Monika. “The format was so successful that it is still used at events today. You could say it is like a very personalised version of speed dating.”

Trustworthy cooperations

Forwarders – and their clients – can also feel confident the partner-ships made through WCAworld are trustworthy. To join WCAworld, companies must come highly recommended from at least two existing network members. And for MBS, a close relationship with WCAworld means the company can connect with the finest independent freight forwarders in every region.

“Being one of the very first to join, we have a special relationship with other WCA members,” tells Monika. “We have developed very close partnerships with the most highly qualified forwarders. And we can really pick and choose the partners we collaborate with on a customer-by-customer basis. When you compare this to a multinational mega-forwarder who must work with a designated international office, this is a whole different level of personal service. We can always offer a specialist on the other side of the world.”

In February 2023, MBS joined WCAworld in Singapore to celebrate the network’s 25th anniversary. After a two-year event hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, the conference was again a reminder that strength lies in community.

“WCA really offers exciting opportunities involved,” finishes Monika. “For MBS, the network has allowed us to generate additional business, reach new markets and enter new sectors. Our partners have been able to generate more profit. And most importantly, our customers benefit from the highest level of service around the globe.”