Insight 02: Anytime for all channels

As the credits roll, the news anchors relax. Inside Asharq News’ cutting-edge TV studio in Dubai, the latest technology ensures a flawless live broadcast – punctual, glitch free and polished in every way, from visuals to audio. But the journey to this point, where everything runs seamlessly, began with a crucial step: the careful transportation and timely delivery of essential equipment. This is where MBS Anytime stands in the spotlight.

At the beginning of 2021, Asharq News moved into its new media headquarters in Dubai. The space not only includes three studios, but also a newsroom, data centre, production and postproduction rooms, control rooms and office spaces – all spread across four floors and 5,300 m². To equip this space with the latest technology, the multi-platform news channel enlisted the technical expertise of the Qvest Group in Cologne.

Qvest’s role encompassed planning, commissioning and training staff to operate the cutting-edge technology at the new Asharq News headquarters. Advanced solutions from over 25 manufacturers were seamlessly integrated into the facility. In addition, Qvest designed and equipped a 180 m² mobile TV production facility in Riyadh, complete with 40 workstations dedicated to journalists in a newsroom.

Pioneering digital transformation

Qvest positions itself as a trusted partner in digital transformation within the media/broadcasting sector and beyond. This entails offering innovation consulting, planning, system integration, software development and support from tech and media experts for setup, commissioning as well as personnel training. Qvest’s footprint spans Europe, the MENA region, Oceania and, recently, the USA. In Australia, for example, Qvest provided the Nine Network a newly equipped post-production and newsroom. Additionally, in Berlin, the Qvest team took charge of the technical design for Welt, a prominent German TV news channel, within the new Axel Springer building.

Despite utilising the most advanced digital software and solutions, Qvest’s technology must still be physically transported to the studio locations. To meet the expectations of highly demanding customers, Qvest needs a flexible and reliable logistics partner. Given the tight timelines for studio renovations and construction projects, any disruptions in broadcasting can incur significant costs.

Time-critical and transparent logistics

To transport goods to the MENA region and handle ad-hoc shipments in Europe, Qvest relies on MBS Logistics, and, in particular, its Anytime division. The department’s expertise ensures the swift delivery of vital goods, often utilising on-board couriers to prevent disruptions or critical delays for clients.

Anytime’s values closely align with Qvest’s standards. Barbara Moll, Head of MBS Anytime, explains succinctly: “Excellent service, 24/7/365, worldwide. Transparent cargo tracking and continuous communication – these are the commitments Anytime clients can anticipate.”

Anytime ensures its customers always have a dedicated point of contact. For Qvest, staying informed about the transport’s progress is crucial. In the event of any delays, Anytime promptly provides updates. Moreover, Anytime utilises flight trackers to pinpoint current aircraft positions, ensuring Qvest can consistently meet its customers’ information requirements, whenever necessary.

A close collaboration

In addition to continuous communication, Marcel Fiedler, Head of Logistics at Qvest, reports MBS ensures seamless collaboration within the supply chain to guarantee quality, punctuality and intact deliveries.

Marcel describes the complex import regulations as the biggest logistical challenge in the MENA region: “Customs clearance in Saudi Arabia, for instance, demands extensive internal preparations and the involvement of at least one external certification body. It can take weeks for a shipment to actually take off.” Nevertheless, having the right partners generally results in a smooth process for air or sea freight.

“Many shipments pass through our warehouse in Cologne,” Marcel adds. “Depending on our agreements with customers, we sometimes pre-assemble, requiring goods to be initially stored in Cologne. However, to prioritise sustainability and efficiency, we strive for the shortest possible delivery route and often opt for direct shipments from the manufacturer to the destination.”

Qvest’s choice to designate MBS and, more specifically, its Anytime division as its primary logistics provider was a natural progression. Having successfully managed multiple shipments for Qvest in the past, MBS solidified the partnership after handling a special, time-critical air freight shipment to the MENA region. The results left both Qvest and the final customer highly satisfied. “Everything went off without a hitch,” shares Marcel. “Anytime’s dedicated support ensures that our concerns are treated with the highest priority, and we are always able to provide information to our customers. It’s a recipe for excellent teamwork and, ultimately, complete customer satisfaction.”