It's never boring as a trainee at MBS Logistics

A few months ago, we were commissioned as MBS Anytime by a large automotive parts supplier to send consolidated shipments from various parts of Europe to Morocco by full charter.

Als Auszubildender bei der MBS Logistics wird es nie langweilig

We offer our customer a door-to-door service with daily individual adjustments. Since the produced parts have to be brought to Morocco as quickly as possible, we load them onto the trucks provided by us immediately after completion.

Unloading takes place at night at Leipzig airport, where we work closely with our handling agent to prepare the goods for air transport. In order to be able to offer the customer an optimal service and also to optimise internal processes, there are always two MBS Anytime employees on site.  This also enables us to react immediately in case of complications and to give our customers real-time updates.

As soon as the aircraft panels for the Boeing 737 are loaded and the loading plan is drawn up, we inform our agent in Morocco to organise the on-carriage for the various customers and prepare for customs clearance, as we usually serve around 25 final recipients.

As a 2nd year apprentice at MBS in Cologne, I had the opportunity to witness this process on site in Leipzig. The departure of the Boeing 737 was at 09:30 in the morning every day, which meant that the working hours mainly shifted into the night.

My tasks consisted of monitoring the trucks and vans scheduled in advance by my colleagues so that they arrived at the airport on time. The unloading process was then a matter of comparing the loading lists we had prepared in advance with the goods delivered to ensure completeness, X-Ray scanning the consignment and making sure that there were no prohibited or dangerous items among them for aviation security purposes.

After all the pallets were loaded onto the ULDs (Unit Load Device), it was my turn to finalise the AWBs (Air Way Bills) for the respective end recipients and finally to inform our agent in Morocco of the exact delivery date of the goods so that he could prepare them physically and customs-wise for onward transport as quickly as possible.

Once customs had given its clearance and the plane was on the taxiway, my shift at Leipzig Airport came to an end. In conclusion, I can say that the range of tasks as a trainee at MBS is very extensive and such practical experiences are always very exciting.